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The Magical Love Box

by Mary Reinhart


To my children and grandchildren and to all beings everywhere that we may all know the magic of love.


So many people have contributed to making this magical love store a reality; Shawn McCann, my amazing illustrator: Robin Krauss, my very skilled graphic designer;  Jane Marko and Jean Wilker, my checks-and-balances; Lori Dutter, art contributor; Nancy Buchanan, Judy Carr, Kelly Condon, Brian Doherty, Susan Harris, Bev Heyer, Mike Heyer, Valerie Kratz, Susie Rozanski, and Emmy Rozanski for their invaluable insight. It is my sincere hope that, though not mentioned here by name, you may know in your heart that I am forever grateful to all of you who have given your support, critical eye, suggestions, encouragement, kindness, and friendship.

Nothing in this life is accomplished alone. It takes community….Thank you all!

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On a sunny day in April, a small package arrived at Jack’s house. It was a birthday present for Jack from Kamama, his grandma.

Jack was very excited. He liked getting presents. What could be inside it? He could hardly wait for Daddy to come home so the family could celebrate his birthday together.  

Mommy had fixed pizza, his favorite dinner, and after everyone had finished eating, it was finally time for Jack to open his present. 

Jack’s little brother, James, helped tug on the ribbon, and they both tore off the wrapping paper. At last the package was open.

There, in front of him, was the most colorful box Jack had ever seen.  


Listen to Mary read, The Magical Love Box; illustrated by Shawn McCann .

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