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The Magical Love Box arrived today. Thank you! I remember all of our kids going through a long phase of loving having the book, “Goodnight Moon”, being read to them almost every night. I can see how The Magical Love Box will be just like that and better as there are more thinking levels going on in your book. Kathy and I are former teachers in special ed (Kathy: English 2nd language and me as reading specialist and district reading department head). It is so important for parents to read to children even at a very young age…so many kids get plugged into a video or electronic devices so young and left to entertain themselves.”- Dave Proff, Reading Specialist; District Reading Department Head, Washington State

“The Magical Love Box brings to life the special connection between grandparents and grandchildren – a bond of focused attention, wonder, shared inquiry, laughter and fun, trust, and unconditional love. It is a book for children and adults to read and enjoy together as they savor their own Magical Love Box relationships.” – Judy F. Carr, Ed.D., Education Consultant, Center for Curriculum Renewal LLC

“The Magical Love Box, with its abundance of shapes, colors, and objects, is sure to appeal to the child’s own world.  The message at its heart—Love’s power to connect—is wrapped in a whimsical exercise in problem-solving. Destined to become a frequently requested bedtime book.” – Brian F. Doherty, Ph.D, University of Texas.

“The Magical Love Box will certainly enhance your classroom. The great problem solving the main character experiences will be a jumping off point to guide students to sound problem-solving skills. The beautiful writing and illustrations will keep your students engaged from beginning to end. It’s a must for every classroom.” – Jane Elizabeth Marko, MS.

“As an adult reader, I was moved by The Magical Love Box. The story anchors the reader in the universal truth of love. Through Jack’s journey, he discovers that, by persevering, a solution will be revealed. His discovery is magical: as he gives his love, love rains back on him. This book drew me into my inner child.” – Valerie Kratz, CEO HVS Labs, Inc.

“This is a great book for young children. In a world with so many material objects, this book focuses on the imaginative and intangible qualities of love. It will work equally for young boys or girls and introduces the Cherokee Native American word for butterfly, Kamama.” – Helaine Hornby

“I’m always looking for a powerful book to share with my grandchildren and this is it. The Magical Love Box completely engaged my grandkids and sparked heartfelt conversation on love and family. My grandkids regularly place The Magical Love Box in the Grandma-will-read-to-us pile. I’m as excited to read it as they are to hear it read!” – Grandma Bessy

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