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Angie Gehred, 1st-grade teacher at Holy Family School, Whitefish Bay, WI says…
“We had a wonderful class discussion and activity with Mary Reinhart, author of The Magical Love Box.  She was very warm and accepting of my students and took the time to listen and validate their ideas.  After discussing many pages in this beautifully illustrated story all students were invited to create their own “Magical Love Box” and think about what they might put in it that is special to them.  The children talked about their boxes for days after her presentation.”


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Questions to use when reading the book.

What would you put in your box?

Jack was very excited when he received the box. What situations in your life make you feel happy and excited?

What times in your life have you brainstormed ideas, any ideas, just like Jack has done in this book about what to put in his box?

Let’s talk about times when you have felt love and kindness. Let’s talk about times when you have shared love and kindness.

Think about being outside. Think about being in a mall, a church, a park – anywhere that’s not your house. Talk about when you have noticed kindness and love.

Where could you keep hugs and love in your house? (a plastic box, an envelope, under your bed, in a drawer…)

How do you feel when someone makes you feel special?

How do you feel when you make someone feel special?

How do you think sharing love and kindness can change a person’s day?

How do you think sharing love and kindness can change the world?


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